A note for those who may care
(I’m sure that encompasses a very small percentage of the world’s population.)

Electragraphics.com is solely owned and operated by…….me. Electragraphics.com does not have, never has, and I would say there is a very good chance, never will have any connection too, with, or about Electra Graphics Inc.

All and all, I would say the folks at Electa Graphis Inc. are a fine group of people, dedicated to producing a quality product. (Whatever advertising companies produce.) Unfortunately someone inadvertently placed a link to Electragraphics.com in there Yellow Pages add, and several other Pages of varying pigments, leaving the impression it's a link to their website.

Let me be perfectly clear…….. Anyone wishing to link to Electragraphis.com from their website, Yellow Pages add, or whatever, is perfectly welcome to do so. I can use all the promotion I can get, but…... please avoid having it look as if it were a link to your site. This will only alienate the potential customer and have an overall negative affect.

That being said, if you were brought to Electragraphcs.com through one of Electra Graphics Inc.’s E Phone Book adds, you can contact them at:

Electra Graphics Inc.
406 Shelby St
Kingsport, TN 37660
(423) 245-1199

When you do, please tell them to have their IT people, or Advertising people remove the link to Electragraphics.com, or at least let it be known that it’s not their domain name.

Thank you,