Venice Florida... Sort of.... Through the lens of a mediocre photographer

OK, maybe not mediocre

I’ve been told if I study and work hard, spend hours…… maybe days in the field practicing with this demonically possessed thing, this thing created in and brought up from the bowels of Dante’s Inferno, in time I will become a mediocre photographer. Whether I achieve this goal or not I cannot say, this falls in the realm of those viewing my photographs.

So why Venice?      Because that's where I live

I spend my time taking photographs in the Venice area because it's convenient. Not because I was brought here as a child by my parents, and have a nostalgic attraction nor the quaint country village mystique. It’s not the white sandy beaches and the emerald water. It’s because well…….It’s convenient. I know photographers that chase all over the country to get the perfect picture, and they do very well. I also noticed that photographers come from all over the country to photograph the birds at the Venice Rookery. So if the local photographers find good shooting out there and those out there find good shooting right here in Venice, why waste all that travel time? At my age, wasting time is not an option.

That being said, Venice dose have some of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen. No…. Actually they are the best sunsets I’ve ever seen. Sorry Key West folks, it’s true, deal with it. We also have a Main Street lined with little shops, outdoor restaurants, and a park in the middle of town with a bandstand to entertain the local gentry. I have no idea why they named it Venice Avenue; every small town should have Main Street.

So where am I going with all this?     I have no idea

I started with a domain name “”. It was left over from a web authoring business I use to be in, and considering I’m almost as good a web designer as I am a photographer…… Well, need I say more? So here I am; a domain name, a computer, and idle hands. I started typing and soon I had a website. A website, nothing else, it was empty. There are times you have to just put up the sails and see were the wind takes you, and that’s what I’m doing here. I don’t know what direction I will travel or where I will end up, I only know this, it’s going to be a trip.

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